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Charamida Investments seeks to invest in tech start-ups and tourism-related projects around the world.

About us

Charamida is an investment holding company based in Athens, Greece. Our goal is to empower exceptional Greek enterpreuneurs fulfill global growth. In addition, we develop hospitality-related products predominantly in Greece.

Startup Portfolio

Ηelping Greeks around the world to materialize their entrepreneurial vision and create economic and social value.

Hospitality Porfolio

We aim at investing in innovative tourism and real estate products that will address the needs of people travelling or living in Greece.

Our Team

We are interested in offering our contribution to ventures with pioneering ideas that target the international market. As an initiative of the ELPEN GROUP we are in strategic position to offer insights, support as well as gateways to international markets.


Theodore Tryfon

is shareholder, Vice President and Co- Managing Director of Elpen Pharmaceutical Co. Inc., the leading Greek Pharmaceutical Industry; being part of Elpen Group of companies (Elpen Co. Inc., Aenorasis S.A., Winmedica S.A.) having a turnover of 200.000.000€ in 2018 and over 1000 employees. He is also President of the Pan-Hellenic Union of Pharmaceutical Industries (PUPI).


Manolis Couclelis

is an entrepreneurship enthusiast with start-ups, venture capital and tourism-related investment experience. He is the co-founder of I-O a medical tele-consulting platform and has worked on consulting projects in the pharmaceutical industry. He holds a BA degree in Economics and an MSc in Management from the University of Bath.


Dimitris Tryfon

is a curious and entrepreneurial mind with interest in hospitality and venture capital. He is the co-founder of MIMF (Molyvos International Music Festival) and TAR (Tryfon Art residency), two endeavors that aim to promote cultural tourism in the island of Lesbos. He is a shareholder and BoD member at Votaniche SA and Winmedica SA. He is an amateur pianist and an avid goalkeeper.


Tilemachos Stenos

(MBA) is CEO of Votaniche S.A., an upcoming natural products pharmaceutical company. He has more than 25 years of experience in the ICT sector in managerial positions with leading multinational companies like Vodafone, Nokia Networks and Ericsson. In addition, he has engaged with a number of startups in the ICT, energy and betting sectors.



is an inquisitive and analytical person with a broad spectrum of interests. He strives to find the next big thing in technology or other fields by always trying to understand the average person’s needs. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Management of Information Systems from Deree College and has worked in sales and customer service positions.

Startup Portfolio

VC Portfolio

Hospitality Portfolio

South42 Apartments

Apartment-complex in Glyfada, Greece

Santorini Hotel

5* Hotel in Kamari, Santorini

Tsipouri Development

Holiday villas in Lesvos

Olive Press Lesvos

Olive Press Hotel and Apartments

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